Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Fact of the Day: Queen Isabella

Isabella I was Queen of Castile and Leon and she was married to Ferdinand II of Aragon. Even though their kingdoms remained somewhat independent on paper during their marriage, their future generations would rule as monarchs of a united Spain. After a struggle to gain her throne, she mainly reformed and made her kingdom better after many bad moves by her brother Henry IV. She also oversaw Christopher Columbus' voyage to the New World. Neither Isabella or her husband were much for religious freedom as they gave Jewish and Muslims residents the choice of conversion to Catholicism or exile during the Spanish Inquisition. 

Question: Who Won the First Presidential 2016 Debate?

Until the votes are cast in November, we won't know who will be president, but I was one of many interested to see Hillary Clinton face off against Donald Trump. Now most political debates will have people who say someone won because "I like what he/she says" but you can also see who took control and had the best lines. I was very curious to see how Donald Trump would act because he didn't have much he wouldn't say when it came to primary debates. He was far more cordial at first than I ever expected, but it didn't take long for him to lose his cool. I could really see him really starting to be upset when Hillary really got him on his tax forms issue. I'm a big liberal so you know what I'd say, but to be honest when Trump waited so long to shake Lester Holt's hand you know he knows he didn't do quite as well as he was hoping. And the funny thing is that many Trump fans are going to blame Lester Holt for being biased not knowing that Lester Holt is a registered Republican. 

Who do you think won the debate? 

Monday, September 26, 2016

My Favorite Photos: Grey Wind

As many of you know, Daisy has a love for stuffed animals, and like me she likes Game of Thrones too. I got her Ghost (my favorite direwolf) awhile back and she's begged for the rest of the direwolves. She found Grey Wind at Barnes and Noble and begged to get it. Grey Wind was Robb Stark's and he died with his master at the Red Wedding. I told Daisy that she couldn't have any of the ones that have met grim fates on the show. Which leaves only Nymeria. 

Bee Movie (2007 Film) Review

 I do remember when Bee Movie came out in 2007 though I didn't care about seeing it. I think I can even recall them making a video game based on it though I never played it. It was on my "watch later" list for almost an eternity until it finally had its chance. I did remember that the legendary Jerry Seinfeld was the bee, but I didn't know he also wrote this movie along with some other people. Of course Jerry Seinfeld's best work was with the TV show Seinfeld but the man has talent. Bee Movie was by Dreamworks and not Pixar, but with a man like Jerry Seinfeld they certainly had the talent to make a very good movie for everyone in the family to enjoy. This couldn't possibly go wrong right...right?

Fact of the Day: Warm Eggs

While Americans are used to seeing eggs in the dairy section under refrigeration, most countries in the world including many in Europe keep them under room temperature as if they were a can of green beans or a loaf of bread. They are many debates and reasons (for and against) eggs in the fridge, but the general rule of thumb seems be consistency. If eggs are refrigerated, it's best they stay that way from the farm all the way to the house.