Thursday, October 2, 2014

Fact of the Day: Amish

In 1693, there was a split between a group of Anabaptists in Switzerland. A man named Jakob Ammann led the more conservative members of the faith, and eventually fled to the present-day United States. Mostly in Pennsylvania as it was one of the rare places in the world at the time to have true religious tolerance. Ammann's followers became known by their current name, The Amish.  

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

SC Gubernatorial Candidate Makes Confederate Flag an Issue

Born and raised in South Carolina, I currently take notice to local politics. I thank Vincent Sheheen who is running as the Democratic candidate for Governor this year, for standing up against the Confederate Flag being on state house grounds. It wasn't terribly long ago when I discovered that at least one of my ancestors fought for the South in the Civil War, and I have never been so ashamed of my lineage. I've seen some local people comment on the story, and some said they wouldn't vote for him. Though I don't think Sheheen will lose any votes, I think the vast majority of supporters of the flag haven't voted for a Democrat since 1964

My September 2014 Favorites

 September didn't seem to last that long, but I had enough free-time to watch a good amount of movies, and TV. Here are my favorites.

Fact of the Day: Japanese Taiwan

After losing the First Sino-Japanese War, China gave Japan control over the island of Taiwan. While Japan's control met quite the opposition in Taiwan, they did give a two year period for the people of Taiwan to move to mainland China. Japan lost control of Taiwan after World War II, and Taiwan later became the Republic of China after communist rebels took over mainland China. 

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Question: Did You Keep Up With Home-Work?

I admit I was never the perfect student back in elementary or middle school. I always behaved, and did fairly well in class, but my biggest fault was either forgetting or simply not doing my home-work. Especially with long-term projects/papers, with me often asking my mom for help. It would go something like "How much time have you had to do this paper/project?" and I'll respond "a few weeks". Then she'll say "when is it due" and I'll say with regret "tomorrow". 

So what about you'll? Were you on-time with home-work, or were you somewhat lazy like me?