Friday, April 18, 2014

Bill Clinton is About to Be a Grandfather

Back in the 90's I remember seeing the First Family, and Chelsea Clinton was one of the few presidential children in modern history to grow up in the White House. Now she and her husband are expecting their first child in the near future. Since they're getting to a very elderly age already, I'm sure Bill and Hillary are thrilled about getting their first grand-child. Imagine if that child may be a future president one day. 

Cars (2006 Film) Review

 While I love Pixar, back in 2006 the idea of Cars sounded rather stupid to me. It also seemed rather plain for a studio that often produces creative magic. My nephews are big fans of the movie, so I decided after eight years that I would give it a chance.

Fact of the Day: Orange Citron

While nobody is completely sure where lemons originated, we do know of its lineage. Genetic evidence has shown that it was a hybrid of a sour orange and a citron. 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Saturn Getting a New Moon?

Apparently that is the case, though the new moon which is being called Peggy is very small. It's basically made of mostly ice as it came from Saturn's rings. It isn't too big of deal even to Saturn itself as it has many moons though most people only hear of the large ones.  Though it is rather neat to see this "moon" being created. 

My Favorite Photo: Nephew Checkers

After Mr. K's birthday party, we went out to eat at a restaurant. Up front they have these checker boards and chairs. My nephew wanted to play a game of checkers with his mom before we left.