Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Fact of the Day: Lioness Labor

Male lions are important in a lion pride as they are supposed to fight off any threat to the group of lions. However it is the female lions, that do the vast majority of hunting so the rest of the lions can have food. 

Monday, February 8, 2016

Question: Have You Ever Seen a Ghost?

I've been in many spooky situations. I don't like total darkness unless I'm about to go to sleep. But I have never seen a ghost. I've heard many "stories" but I can never believe in ghosts until I see one for myself. Though deep-down I really hope that never happens.

Have you ever seen a ghost? 

Fact of the Day: Bubble Paper

When bubble-wrap was first invented, it was designed to be a plastic wall-paper. The idea was unsuccessful, but the inventors later saw its usefulness when it came to shipping and moving. 

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Denver Broncos Win Super Bowl 50

 As a Carolina Panthers fan, I'm sad to say we lost to the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 50. Denver's offense was weak, but their defense was strong as steel. Carolina had many chances to turn it around, but they had few and far between successes which couldn't close the gap. Denver was the better team  tonight, though I will say that their cornerback Aqib Talib should have been kicked out of the game for incredibly unsportsmanlike like conduct. This is the 3rd Super Bowl win for Denver, and Carolina is still at zero. Maybe next year?

My Favorite Photos: Little K's Kitchen

This is my niece Little K who recently got a "kitchen" in her room. I think she is a fan of it, don't you?