Thursday, January 27, 2011

Former Governor of SC Mark Sanford Returns to His Latin Mistress

Ex-Governor Mark Sanford of South Carolina

Being named one of the nations' worst governors wasn't enough for Sanford, until he decided to use state money and resources and lie to his staff so he could bang some chick from South america. He didn't want to resign, but his term limit was up and his re-election and political career was practically dead anyways. Now with a even worse successor in office, Sanford can now take it easy with a new single life. 

Pretty much after leaving office, he was spotted in South America with his as he said "soulmate". 

He might of lost his political career, his wife, his kid's respect, but with the money from his divorce ( I assume this is what happened, his wife was much richer than he was before the marriage) and his "new" lady, I guess things aren't so gloomy for old Mark Sanford. 

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