Friday, February 25, 2011

My Girlfriend Made Me Watch Gossip Girl

I had heard it was based on some novels before we watched it, so I was hoping it might have a quality base to start from. Never read the books so I was hoping they were decent. Either way she made me order the disc through Netflix of Season 1. 

The show takes place in New York, mainly at some snobby private school in Manhattan. Gossip Girl is a blogger who writes about all the teenagers of the Upper East Side via tips and photos sent to her by fans. The show revolves around the six main characters above. 

Serena Vanderwoodsen just comes back from boarding school after a year of absence. Her best friend Blair feels resentment for her not telling her goodbye. She then goes apeshit when she found out she banged her boyfriend before heading off to boarding school. She tries not to party and drink, but somehow kept doing it at points in the show. Girl is not smart.

Blair Waldorf is a bitchy queen bee mean girl you'd find at any school. She's quite evil.

Dan Humphrey is a Brooklyn kid who's father wanted him to get an education so he could get into the Ivy League. Obviously doesn't fit in with the rich kids, but somehow manages to date Serena. 

Nate Archibald is some whiny rich kid who's dad is on coke, and his mom is a bitch. Cheated on Blair wih Serena, and goes through many mood swings and bad choices. He gets a lot more tolerable towards the end of the season. 

Chuck Bass is probably my favorite character. A suave playboy who dates a lot of women, does crazy shit, but proves he has a heart towards his friends at the later half of the season.

Probably the most annoying girl on the show is Jenny Humphrey. Like Dan, her brother, she doesn't have much money, so she desperately can't fit in at school. She has to sell much of her stuff to stay at par in fashion and go to the places her rich friends go to. Does some retarded shit later on which made me shake my head. 


  1. hm i would say interesting if i would care about this show
    but anyways the girls look nice i prolly would watch it too :)

  2. its awesome......!!!!
    chuck bass...!!
    nate archibald.....oh man...his eyes...!!
    n of all i love serena