Friday, February 25, 2011

Obama Tries to Pwn Defense of Marriage Act, Republicans get Butthurt

The Defense of Marriage Act was a law signed by President Clinton after the Republican congress passed the bill. Pretty much says the Federal government won't recognize same-sex marriage incase a state tries to legalize it. Obama is now saying part of the law is unconstitutional, and pretty much making the whole law null and void if successful. I for one support gay marriage, and I think it's sick that Conservatives are trying to deny decent people the right to marry each other.  

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-Minn)

Michele Bachmann has taken the chance to cash in on Obama's liberal stance. She's trying to get 50,000 signatures in 2 days or something while begging for donations. 

"This is just the beginning in our fight to repeal Barack Obama in 2012," "Had Barack Obama been on the ballot in 2010, he would have gone down in a fiery defeat. Yet he continues to push his far-left, socialist agenda on the American people. And today, he has declared war on marriage. As conservatives, we must push for a new type of 'change' in our country and fight for our shared values." -Bachmann

This woman is suppose to be the congressional head of the Tea Party, and yet despite claims of "freedom" guess doesn't matter if you're a dude who likes dudes.

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