Monday, February 28, 2011

Watched Twilight Saga: New Moon with my Girlfriend

My girlfriend recently got done reading the novel, so as I promised like last time that I would watch the movie with her. 
Takes place shortly after the first movie. Not much has changed besides Bella knowing that the Cullens are vampires, and they're still awkward teenagers. 
The movie starts off with Bella having a birthday. At first she tells people she doesn't want anything, but they decide to get stuff for her anyway. While at the Cullen house, she opens up a gift, cuts her finger, and stuff happens. 
Edward get scared, and tells Bella he doesn't like her no more. 
Bella goes emo, but finds friendship with her wannabe boyfriend Jacob Black. Who desperately wants to tap that. 
There's also some super-strong vampires in the movie now. The girl is creepy, but the other ones make poor excuses for semi-villains. 

Even though it has it's flaws, I enjoyed New Moon a lot more than I did the original Twilight. 

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  1. I thought New Moon was all right, but Eclipse was generally unwatchable. It was absolutely dreadful.