Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Look Into Video Games: Mario & Wario

Mario is such a popular series, that we usually get every single game that ever came out with our favorite plumbers. Back in the day we did miss a few however. One of them was Mario & Wario which debuted on the Super Famicom which was the Japanese version of the Super Nintendo. 
I guess one of the reasons why we never got the game was because it was controlled by the SNES's mouse. 
It was a point and click game where you had to control some fairy to guide Mario around levels. 
Which is probably as hard as it sounds. 


  1. I hated Wario when I was little, but now... in the end he is a nice guy.

    Also... Is that the same mouse from Mario Paint?

  2. yeah same mouse from mario paint

  3. interesting...dont this i every saw that boys are now enjoying the mario craze...