Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Look Into Video Games: Magikarp

 Magikarp is a pokemon from the original 150. He is known as the most worthless and easy-to-find pokemon in most of the games. The only reason you keep him is that his evolution is the most surprisingly change ever. Which is by far worth it in my opinion.

It's Japanese name is コイキング (Koikingu) which is based on the English word "King" and the Japanese word (Koi) which means "carp".


  1. I remember in the official strategy guide it says don't buy him early from some guy for $5000 poke money I think it was. I actually thought it wasn't a bad deal still if you trained him to evolve early enough.

  2. Magikarp is a pretty useless but really memorable Pokemon. I mean, who could ever forget "Splash" attack?