Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Random Photos From The Past Few Days: Broken Sunglasses and Mini-Halos

The other night Daisy and I went to Chik-Fil-A again. This time at a location near her house. Too many people there though, I kinda wished we sat outside. 

 We then did some browsing at some local stores. Daisy wants to get into knitting, so she's been scouting easy ways for her to make stuff.

 We also went to a local grocery store, and she begged me to get her a cheeseburger cake. Not seriously, but you know what I mean.

As soon as we got in the car after leaving, I hear a crack. My sunglasses fell in the door and broke. I only use them while I drive, and they were only a dollar so it's not big deal. 

 We also went to go to see a movie, but ate lunch at Costco before it started. Not a whole lot to choose from, but decent grub.

 But we went to see The Avengers.

Daisy also bought herself a Sailor Moon wallet from Hot Topic. She's a big fan of the show, so she loves it.

I also recently got my dog a new pet bed..or should I say mat. Every pet bed we got her before didn't last long. Doggie would usually destroy or ruin it somehow. We figured a mat might be better. She seems to like it.

While looking at Walgreens I found these Halo mini-figures. They're made by Megabloks which are kinda like legos. I never had any lego-ish toys as a child, so I also got it to fill a gap in my heart.

Not much to build, but I guess that might be the point. Looks like this Halo guy got blasted by ten plasma grenades.

I put it together, and it's a red elite. The paint job could have been better.

Well I also got a desk recently (not new, I just got the use of it) so I need some knick-knacks to give it a personal touch.


  1. Oh, your dog is so cute! Love the new mat :)

  2. Sorry about your glasses! Only a buck, but it still stinks. lol Sooo, how'd you like the avengers?!