Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Watched Grumpy Old Men (1993 Film)

 One of the movies my mom has been bugging me to see for years is Grumpy Old Men. Honestly a rave from an middle-aged woman about a movie about some old guys wasn't enough to sell me on it. But times have changed, and I borrowed her copy to see if it was really as funny as she claimed.
 The movie is about two old neighbors who despise each other. The once-childhood friends became bitter enemies after John (on the left) stole Max's high school sweetheart, and still fight a bitter feud decades later.
 So a stunning (yet bizarre) and beautiful woman moves in the neighborhood, and has captured the envy of both John and Max. I have to admit that Ann-Margret played a great role as the peppy Ariel Truax. You really didn't know what kind of light-hearted mischief she'd be up to next. 
I also loved the one-liners Grandpa Gustafson would pull off. His goofy and blunt humor really outshines even John's and Max's pranks on each other. Even though the movie isn't slammed packed with laughs as some often fall flat, but it is a rather witty comedy. While I'm not as a big as a fan of the movie as my mom, I can see why this movie revived both Jack Lemmon's and Walter Matthau's careers.

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  1. i LOVED this movie when i saw it many moons ago! :)