Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My Favorite Memories: Phones Are Fun

 This is back in last October when my nephew Mr. C had his first birthday party. Unlike his brother, Mr. C never liked anyone holding him outside his parents and maternal grandparents since he saw everyone else as a stranger. But I let him play with a cellphone which caused him to pay attention to it, and he was pretty happy. My brother Zach's then-girlfriend Maryanna is holding him, and he's wearing the pink/white shirt.
"Uncle Zach, the phone is for you!"


  1. first pic caption: wow look at all that pink...
    2nd pic caption: fuck it, I'm out!

    lol cheers.

  2. little ones do like phones. they've used to give them their keys. did they plan the matching pink stripe outfits?

  3. AWWW too cute!!! My nephew is very particular as well. He only goes out of his way to ask for my grandmother and I. I think it's because no one spends as much with him as we do. Children are hesitant with strangers. This is a good thing. :)

  4. I'm loving the pink T shirt :)

  5. He'll make a good secratary one day!