Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Things I Like: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002 Film)

 I actually never watched the movie until about a decade later when my girlfriend introduced me to the series. I read the book later on, but this was probably my least favorite of the films. Though they didn't cut much out of the book for the film version.
 I actually thought the car scene was more impressive when it came in to save Harry and Ron from the big spider.
It also was the point where the series matured a little. Harry learned how to duel, his first battle with Draco Malfoy is really tame compared to their bathroom battle in the Half-Blood Prince
 Oh Gilderoy Lockhart you lying goober. Famous this and famous that, can't believe he lasted a good year without being outed.
 I really liked the memory scenes of Tom Riddle's past. Dumbledore's still an old dude in the early 40's...
 My girlfriend spoiled that he was really Voldemort's past memory. I guess that was pretty shocking...
 I gotta admit, Harry survived unrealistically well for a 2nd year against a dinosaur-sized snake. Yet he couldn't do anything against Nagini in his last year.
 I love the scene where Dobby was "freed" from the Malfoy family. Except they do a bad job explaining the wizard-house elf loyalty thing. 
But they're all good films, and the books kept getting better.


  1. i thought the 1st film was so magical, with the floating candles & the sorting hat..

  2. Oh wow, I remember watching this, such a nice film.

  3. Oh god, this is my sixth attempt in this post, this movie did justice to book, my disappointment was with HBP, book was great but movie was nothing but teenage springbreak, or American pie material.

  4. I think reading the books right before watching the movie is the worst thing I have ever done. I don't remember this movie that much, though

  5. The first one is my least favorite. I thought they did a few things better here. They could've improved the climax though.

  6. I thought they got better as they went along but it was good to start out with too.