Monday, September 3, 2012

Random Photos: Pizza House Animals

As a spoken rule of our relationship, Daisy and I always eat at one typical sit-down restaurant every month. And every month we get to pick turns. August's pick was mine, and I chose a local Pizza Inn. Daisy and I are fans of the chain, but she typically dislikes one because the inside is as she claims "old fashioned". So I picked it anyway.
But before we got there I had to pick her up from her house. Her cat Furball was oddly more interested in watching Daisy wash dishes than play with me. 
We also went to the local Dollar Tree, and Daisy wanted some cheap sunglasses. So I got her some. 
The only thing I hate about Pizza Inn is that you have to be served drinks (including soda and tea) even though it's a buffet where you get your own food. So we waited (on principal) almost ten minutes before a waitress realized we existed. She was just a few minutes from me talking to a manager. 
My brother just recently got his first house the other day, and he's slowly moving in. He's got a new puppy (believe it or not she's 4 months old) named Blue so she's been needed to go along for the trip each time between towns. 
She is very playful but cautious of new things. My brother took her through pet training so she knows basic obedience. But when they were about to leave to go back to their current apartment, we collapsed the pet cage and it made a loud noise. Blue ran as far away as she could to another room, and she was so terrified that she refused to go back in the living room. Poor puppy, I forget they're afraid of almost anything. 
It's a small house, but it's decent and pretty new. I do like that he has an outside patio deck. My house has an old back porch that's falling apart. 
Since we watched The Hunger Games film, Daisy has been fascinated by the series. She flipped when she saw a whole stand of junk. But to make her happy I got her a poster and a folder she wanted. 
We also went by Petsmart, and I seriously thought about getting a goldfish and a bowl. But realizing all the added stuff to properly care for even the simplest water animals I decided not to. 
I would not get a bird even though many of them are beautiful. Too unpredictable. 
Turtles though I could get. But not today. 
But since it's late August/early September that's means places are overflowing with Halloween stuff. 
I'm a dinosaur...


  1. Old fashioned? Are the employees actually courteous? Say it ain't so.

    1. Nah it's more like the inside. I still don't get how she thinks it's old fashioned. There's HDTVs on every wall.

  2. Halloween stuff is definitely creeping in everywhere now, I've just been invited to one already!

  3. I like that the two of you go out for a sit down meal once a month. And it looks like you have all sorts of fun adventures together :)

  4. I get all my sunglasses from the dollar store. All style for a few pennies.

  5. i wonder how long those sunglasses will last? blue is cute. i'm allergic to pizza inn.

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