Monday, October 22, 2012

Fact of the Day: Government Sent Him to College

Despite his anti-government and pro-individualism views, Vice Presidential-hopeful Paul Ryan went to college using social security benefits given to his mother after the passing of his father. 


  1. your girlfriend should be the red-haired girl that spiderman likes~
    Also -- very interesting fact indeed!


  2. That sounds quite controversial!
    Thanks for your visits to my blog :-)

  3. The thing about the Republican Party is that it doesn;t object to helping people short term and this is as it should be because all people have a time where they need some help. But business wise, competition is always healthy. It keeps people on their toes. Prices lower,products better.In health care it becomes very expensive and the system is abused with no one to pull in the reins.
    You can't get new better cheaper ways to do operations once the old way is in the system.
    Doctors are over worked and eventually they stop taking interest in healing and more interest in just swiping the card.
    Change is hard to do in a large bureaucracy.This is what is happening here in Canada.
    We still have people dying in hospital corridors because there are no beds.

  4. so true!!! doesn't it amaze you that some people think they won't get caught in their hypocricy??

  5. is that what you would call irony, hypocritical, neither, or either?