Sunday, February 2, 2014

JK Rowling Thinks She Should Have Made Hermione Marry Harry Potter

While the Harry Potter saga is over, JK Rowling occasionally discuses her feelings on the plot and what eventually happens to some characters. Her most recent one is stating some regret that Hermione Granger ended up with Ron Weasley instead of his best friend Harry Potter.  As a fan I suppose Hermione ending up with Ron was a bit convenient, but I never really saw her as a potential love interest of Harry's at all. It made much more sense for him to be with Ginny due to her childish crush on him in the 2nd book and him saving her from Voldemort's memory.  


  1. I loved that Ron and Hermione ended up together! I'm on-line because I can't bear to watch the end of the Super Bowl. Three and one half glasses of wine and I am not buzzed. :(

  2. I could never accept that Hermione's character would go for Ron's character.

    1. Same here. Seemed a bit forced to me. I guess he's just a lucky guy.

  3. Opposites attract, right? I guess it was logical for Ron and Hermione to end up together, even if she was way too intelligent for him.

  4. I must admit that when I was reading the books, I never thought of Harry and Hermione together. It was only in the movies that I was like "Hey Harry. Pick Hermione instead!".