Saturday, April 18, 2015

Elephant Turns the Tables on Ivory Hunter

Humans have done many unspeakable things to many animals in the world, and not many things are more sad than the hunting of elephants for their ivory. Recently a hunter named Ian Gibson was trampled to death by an African elephant he was hunting in Zimbabwe. I can tolerate people hunting animals for food, but for ivory or just "because" is just plain evil. I have little sympathy for the man, there are some lines people should not cross. 


  1. Despicable this outrageous ivory hunting.
    Stringent laws "supposedly" are in force in some of these
    African countries - BUT bribery as everyone knows there is
    rampant - right up to the VERY top!! ie: El Presidente or whatever.
    Good for this elephant.
    Score: Elephants 1. Lawbreaker - Zilch! ( and departed!)
    Good one Adam!

  2. He brought on his own fate, no sympathy for him what so ever.

  3. I love elephants! I dont like hunters!!!!

  4. So sad :/
    It is a real shame.

  5. for food or ivory or fur or sport... it is all pure evil and there is no justification nor excuse.

    1. Please then explain to us "mere mortals" ( that is we who have an IQ)
      how primitive man survived without food or clothing???
      You could start with your American Indians??? In case you are so dumb - some tribes and there are plenty of them - try the Apache, the Cherokee or the Sioux!!!!!!!

      What Adam is putting across is killing for GREED!
      Colin (Brisbane.Australia)

  6. My sympathy level is in this case Some of the things humans do to animals just aggravates me. Bravo for the elephant.

  7. I have no sympathy for that guy either.

  8. When you kill for greed, I have no sympathy either.

  9. Couldn't have said it better myself!!