Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Fact of the Day: Extinct Wren

The Stephens Island Wren was a flightless bird that (in modern times) was found only on a small island in New Zealand. Around the year 1900, they all perished when cats were introduced to the island. A popular (but false) story is that all the birds were eaten by a cat named Tibbles, who belonged to the Lighthouse keeper. 


  1. Well, the Tibbles story may be true or untrue.
    Cats and dogs did kill many of these flightless birds.
    There are a number of flightless birds in
    "Kiwi Land".
    The Kiwi in the national emblem plus the fern of NZ.
    On the fuselage of Air New Zealand and worn
    proudly by all NZ ( All Blacks) sporting teams.
    I am by the way from across " The Ditch" as we say
    down here - ie The Tasman Sea.

    At least you are teaching your Americans that there
    is a World outside of the 4 Square Syndrome - that's
    for the uneducated - Seattle to Northern Maine down
    to Key Biscayne - then the gulf of Mexico to the Rio Grande
    and eventually San Diego and back up to Seattle!

    Remember I have stayed in your city - Spartanburg, SC.
    How many of your readers have ever been outside their US Statelines??

    I doubt if Claudia from Hawaii has learnt anything, then again a would be Republican VP candidate didn't know that Hawaii was a state of the Union!
    I think she was the "Moose Shoortin' Mamma" from Anchorage, Alaska???
    Colin ( Brisbane. Australia)

  2. Damn cats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. like ur post :)


  4. Tibbles must have been awful fat for that rumor to be true haha

  5. Pretty little bird, must have been a fat cat then if the story is true, would be some truth in it.

  6. You share some of the most interesting things. Never knew this.

  7. OOO, poor little birds...can't imagine a bird that can't fly.

  8. Once again humans force a species into extinction. I wonder when our time will come.