Monday, June 1, 2015

My Favorite Photos: My Nephew The Baseball Player

This is my nephew Mr. C at his baseball game in the dugout. I played baseball at the same age, and he looks just as excited to be there as I was back then. 


  1. My great grandson (10) plays as well. Some days he does well and the next time no so good.

  2. Aaaaaw...he looks so cute:) None of my kids play baseball. They take after their mom! hehe

  3. He is adorable, just like you were, I'm sure. A few of our grands played baseball and I didn't miss a game...loved every minute of it.
    Regarding those cherries...when they first appeared in our groc. store, I wanted some sooo bad but they were almost 8 bucks a pound...I bought grapes instead. This bunch in my post today was on sale for 4 bucks a pound and I bought them and never looked boy...they are good. :)