Thursday, July 9, 2015

Florida Supreme Court Ends Gerrymandered Districts

In a democracy, voters choose their politicians. But when it comes to gerrymandering, politicians choose their voters. The dark green area is an example, it's Florida's current 5th Congressional District, and it sure looks weird don't it? Because it was drawn that way to take votes away to prevent Florida from sending more Democrats to the House of Representatives in Congress. Florida's Supreme Court had ordered for a less biased map to be drawn as this isn't the only case of gerrymandering in the state of Florida, just the most obvious. 


  1. I think all electoral boundaries should be set by an independent body at arm's length from government. Politicians are reluctant to do it this way, of course, for obvious reasons.

  2. Adam - the things you come up with.
    Thank God for the International Date line and
    the Equator - keeps us far away and a day in front.

    Just for the record we have gerrymandered electoral
    boundaries here also. I'd be surprised what so called
    democracy hasn't got the same problem.
    Colin (Brisbane. Australia)

  3. This is just another way to rig the vote and stifle the will of the people.