Friday, July 24, 2015

Jeb Bush Wants to Demolish Medicare

The former Florida Governor and Presidential hopeful Jeb Bush has made his support official for the Republicans in Congress who wish to "reform" Medicare by turning it into a voucher system. Saying it should be eventually phased out into something different. I noticed he also made comments that Americans need to work more hours, and doesn't care if they have benefits. Isn't it a coincidence that a millionaire from a wealthy family would think that social programs and better working environments isn't a good idea? Instead of turning Medicare into a system the elderly can't afford, we don't we join the rest of the world and expand it so every U.S. citizen regardless of age, military status, or income? 


  1. This guy is an idiot. Everyone should have access to health care.

  2. Jeb Bush is out of touch with most Americans. Another rich politician that has the corporations filling his pockets.

  3. I think these types of people should live for at least a year, preferably more, on minimum wage (with a family) and see how they feel about certain issues after that.

  4. Well he is the son and brother of two former Texan Presidents who were useless,
    so what would you expect?
    One left a war in limbo - this business has got worse since.
    Then son lands with pomp and ceremony on an aircraft carrier and
    makes a similar statement.
    I think Texan oil befuddled any brains they were ever given!
    The rest of the 'civilised" world has some form of health care - the
    Scandinavian countries by far the most generous and effective.
    I suppose Donald Trump and Tea Party Sarah Palin would just say.
    "Let them eat Cake".????
    B.J.Hunnicut M.A.S.H 4077

    1. Good God!!! Adam.

      Is that former Secretary of State and US Army chief, General Colin
      Powell sitting behind the "Texan Peanut"???
      B.J Hunnicut ( who is in a state of shock - if above is for real)

  5. We definitely do not need another Bush in the white house. Not sure if there is anyone qualified. Our country is in a terrible situation.

  6. Republicans have always hated programs like Social Security and Medicare, and have been trying to get rid of them forever. Yet they have no problem giving tax breaks to the super rich.

  7. Hi, Adam...hope you have a good day....:)