Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Mary Fallin Defies State Supreme Court Over 10 Commandments

Oklahoma's Supreme Court recently ruled that a monument of the 10 Commandments violated the state constitution (which also violates the 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution) because it obviously promoted one religion, and ordered it to be removed. Governor Mary Fallin is defying the state Supreme Court by not having it removed and saying that's she giving state lawmakers a chance to fight the decision. This is what scares me about American politics, the fools running the state governments who refuse to work with the judicial system. This kind of thing happens all the time in developing countries with faux or weak democracies. This kind of behavior is not what you'd want from people who are elected to serve the people of an entire state. These kind of antics should put these politicians either out of office or in prison. 


  1. C'mon as we say here in Australia - what bloody planet do you live on???
    Politicans of all persuasions have one thing in common - what THEY can get out
    of the SYSTEM and their afterlife when they are found out to be such FRAUDS!

    This woman as shown above obviously has an interest in "Face Lifts" - she should
    take a long hard long at herself in the mirror - might wake her up.
    Then again she could have been born in Texas ( hot air state) or Tennessee ( bible bashing bigot state) - so thus really what is she for???
    A religious war???
    See what happened to Democrat Candidate Al Smith in 1928.
    The Bible bashers and the Republicans accused him of going to build
    a tunnel from the White House to the Vatican!!
    Yes he was a Catholic. Your mob tried it again with JFK.
    Eventually ended up with a lunatic years later called - NIXON.
    And people believed this garbage - what a masterful piece of engineering
    if it could have been done - Jesus Christ - wake up.
    I wonder what ignorant "pure Texan", DJ, and that Kay of Honolulu have to say???
    I'm waiting.
    Colin (Brisbane. Australia)

    1. A follow up of more FACTS:
      Get the only DVD series that the US has really made which pertains
      to the truth - "Prohibition - and the stupidity of the 18th Amendment".
      Just goes to show how stupidity was at last overcome before the
      mobsters took over and the anti-crusade against Al Smith.
      Yes - the tunnel from the White House under the Atlantic to the Vatican is there for all to see. The most ingenious engineering feat ever to be NEVER
      I suppose a John Wayne and Ronald Reagan Hollywood blockbuster might have tried to achieve this feat. After all didn't John Wayne win all the World War movies - Yankie Style???
      C'mon - who wants to be first cab off the rank???

  2. I hear you, Adam. I personally think that religion has no place in politics. None.

  3. You're right, Adam -- if politicians won't obey the rule of law, why should average citizens? Attitudes like that create civil chaos in states.

  4. Politicians and any leader should be setting an example by obeying the laws and/or rules themselves. If they don't it is a disgrace.

  5. If the Ten Commandments being displayed are over a hundred yead old they can stay; otherwise they should go.