Sunday, August 30, 2015

Fact of the Day: Old Paint

One of the oldest known paints is called milk paint. It was made with milk, calcium carbonate (lime), and some natural pigments could be added as well. Because of its use for thousands of years, it's by far the safest paint as it's biodegradable and extremely eco-friendly. Most paints today are either latex/acrylic or oil-based. 


  1. Oh I want that ancient paint, Adam!

    ( '>
    //"" SO HAPPY to BE BACK!
    Trip was great, but being without internet made me miss you and all my friends!

  2. A lot of artists like casein paints:)

  3. Never knew there was such a thing, until now

  4. Goes to show you never get to old to learn. This is news to me.

  5. Very coo, Adam! ~ I think there is a lot we could learn from people who came before us. We need to be thinking about how to sustain and improve our environment.

    I continue to enjoy the series on miniature golf and your photos of Daisy!

    Your post about safety and the Titanic reminded me of how carefully planned and executed the required muster was before leaving port in Vancouver. Some passengers were grumbling;but, as a teacher who has participated in many drills, I appreciated it. At our first port after leaving Vancouver, the crew held a drill just for them by lowering half the lifeboats and driving them around on the water. I thought that was awesome! Made me feel like they knew what was working. Presumably they lowered the other half the next time they drilled.

    Have a great week!

  6. There are some paints in old buildings that have lead in them and are making kids sick. You'd think we would have stuck with safer paint instead of stuff that can break down and make you sick.

    1. The problem there was greed. Lead paint was popular because it was dirt cheap. Milk paint still exists, but like oil and latex paint it takes a bit more to make it.

  7. i've used milk paint before.....