Monday, August 17, 2015

Fact of the Day: A Really Cold Colorado

The highest amount snowfall in recorded U.S. history was in Georgetown, Colorado. The town got 63 inches (1.6 meters) of snow on December 4th, 1913. 


  1. I think double "wow" Christine.
    That is a bloody lot of snow.
    I wonder how many livestock perished?
    Frightening to even contemplate the losses.
    Good fact to know, Adam.
    B J Hunnicut

  2. *Shudders* I hate snow. That's the definition of hell right there.

  3. Oh god, snow of my height, haha.
    Last year we got about one meter of snow.

  4. Dang, the skiers must have loved that. Was there skiing in 1913? There's something for you to investigate.

  5. Hope they didn't have floods when it melted

    1. It would be rather obvious that flooding would result, Dezmond.
      Where would the water from the snow go when it melted????
      B J Hunnicut.
      PS: I wonder what planet that some of you all live on????
      And for the one above - yes skiing has been a means of travel in the
      northern countries since the earliest of times - naturally Aspen, St. Moritz
      etc of great fame nowdays did not exist.
      Well before the great USA was discovered! The World did not start with the Columbus discovery of the so called GREAT USA!

  6. That's a lot of snow, but isn't the train in that painting in France?

  7. I hope such a snowfall never ever happens here

  8. Meanwhile, people in Denver start freaking out and spin out into ditches over 3 inches of snow.

  9. That's exactly my height LOL - I'm not very tall - but that much snow in one day is very impressive. My husband would love all that snow ;) I'm not so sure about myself ;D

  10. Wow, that is not normal!!