Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Fact of the Day: Cold Neptune

Neptune is one of the coldest planets in the Solar System. It can reach temperatures as cold as -360F (-218C) degrees.


  1. Adam !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Now the rest of the World will know where to send the "looney" right of the
    Republican party before the present list of candidates are finalized for the nomination
    of that Party. I think the "Tea Party" and Sarah Palin are already there - ha ha.

    Trump - God bless his "cotton picking soul/socks/soxs" wants a new version of the Berlin Wall along the Rio Grande - does he contemplate one also on the Canadian Border?? The other candidates are just plain more stupid - brain dead!

    Justin Pierre James Trudeau might cross into the USA and some people can't stomach that except the weird members of the Sex Movie mob.
    But I think Justin is too smart for that accolade!

    You see Adam and followers - here in Australia and in many countries we can see "INSTANT" US news on a TV station. Scares the "shit" out of us all.
    US news as I well knows just focuses on US events - except like what tragically
    happened in Paris. 8 visits to all over the US and TV when there watching brought US TV news and paper reporting to me as an "eye opener".

    I like Martin J O'Malley of Maryland (52 years old) - but he has a problem - Catholic like JFK. He seems smart and articulate but I guess if he was successful - Dallas would be off his travel agenda!

    Bernie Sanders - well he is TOO old.
    Hillary - who looks like the pick - I doubt if the rest of the World would stand and applaud. She is egocentric to the extreme - her views and bugger objections!

    Oh yes - Planet Neptune - nah - I won't be going there!
    B J Hunnicut

  2. It is cold enough here in Toronto for me!

  3. Neptune isn't on my bucket list of places to visit.

  4. Now that's cold!! I don't think I have enough layers to put on to go walking in that weather. : )

  5. That's cold. I don't think my hoodie would keep me warm enough.

  6. This is one more reason for me to be thankful this Thanksgiving and all through the Iowa winter although temperatures may well plummet to -33 F this January..."Remember Bethany, be grateful you don't live on Neptune where it's more than 10x colder!"

  7. I always just love Bethany Carson's comments here...she is so cute and smart and has a sweet personality...and like her, when it gets really cold out here on the plains of West Texas, I'll remember Neptune....:)
    I love all your facts, Adam...you have a very enjoyable blog and I love how you add some personal pics for us to enjoy.