Thursday, January 28, 2016

Fact of the Day: Truman College

While many of the earliest presidents lacked an advanced formal education, Harry Truman was the last U.S. President who never had a single college degree. 


  1. I think that says it all - money and degrees from a Yale or Harvard is no guarantee for intelligence.
    Common sense and decency will always beat a degree.
    Just check out all these "political correctness" degree owners - brainless chunks of humanity.

    He did study at night school and got a law degree, had an excellent WW1 military career, very few servicemen of the USA were killed under his careful command.
    He was responsible for:
    1. The Truman Doctrine
    2. The ending of the Pacific War
    3. The brilliant Marshall plan to rebuild Europe.
    4. The Berlin Airlift which really saved Germany.
    5. N.A.T.O.
    I think that is not too bad to be on a CV.

    He also did not tolerate religious ignorance - like the US revivalist crowd.
    B J Hunnicut aka Colin

  2. Interesting fact then Adam. Doesn't always matter 'degrees'

  3. I can only imagine if a candidate was running today without a college degree how he/she would be crucified by the media.

  4. My Daddy always said that farmers are very smart because they have to know a whole lot more than just how to spread cow sh*t. Guess this proves it since Harry was a farmer.

  5. Degrees don't mean anything...even nowadays, but yeah...can you imagine if he ran for office now?

  6. A degree doesn't mean you are smart

  7. Interesting and even encouraging.

  8. There are many ways to obtain an education. College isn't the only way.

  9. My dad and mother sure thought a lot of him...he not only was a good president, he was a good man...I've never heard any thing bad about him. My mom had a little plaque she kept in her living room.."I did my damnedest" Harry S. Truman
    Now I am wondering where it is....

  10. hey adam, how did i not know this about truman? or did i just totally forget? ya, i'm still alive, & i check out your blog to see pics of you & daisy. i saw your wedding pics last year. congrats! :)