Monday, February 22, 2016

Fact of the Day: Christian Armenia

While many think that the Roman Empire was the first to make Christianity their state religion, they were not the first. In the Eurasian country Armenia, King Tiridates III declared Christianity the state religion in the year 301.


  1. Armenia !!!
    And what a Jigsaw, be-troubled, country that place has been since it's first documented recorded history!
    Seems that some form of stability now exists, the people deserve it.
    I bet Trump, Cruz and Rubio have no idea of where the hell it is located but one thing, Hilary certainly should, so that is a bonus when considering your vote.
    As Secretary of State, I dare say she has visited in her official capacity, as the country is close to Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan.
    Just of interest - the Australian new Ambassador to Washington has Armenian heritage - Ambassador Joe Hockey.
    The Hockey surname was Anglicised - far easier I guess to pronounce and spell, than the Armenian version - ha ha.
    And a further "titbit" of information, Joe Hockey is Catholic and was educated by the Jesuits, a top Private College in Sydney, St Aloysius. Holy hell, Donald Trump, that will be a headache for you!!!!! One Jesuit in Rome and one in Washington - ha ha.
    B J Hunnicut aka Colin

  2. I didn't know that! I thought it was the Roman Empire!

  3. wow that is quite a news for me ,glad you shared it

  4. Never knew that. He looks not to be screwed with too.

  5. Well, he jumped on the bandwagon right away, didn't he? And what good did that ever do Armenia?

  6. Interesting, my hairdresser is Christian Armenian from Lebanon I am pretty sure.

  7. And President Donald Trump™ will declare it again, country-wide, come 2017.

    (I really, really hope none of the above is true)

  8. Fun Fact.

    Attn Huggybear: I enjoy your comments but can't find a link to you. Care to send one so I can follow you. Hopefully you'll pay me a visit sometime at since we share an interest in several things.

    1. Stephen
      1. I DID have a blog. The idiot brigade of comments
      drove me to "Kill it" (cease). Some people read nothing, see nothing and say nothing - I think something akin to 3 monkeys eh?
      Just like seeing their bloody name up and hope the blog owner "pops" over to their blog to put up there name. Reminds me - especially with the American blogging fraternity - "I got more followers than you".
      Adam, can give you my e-mail, but I do suffer fools!

  9. Armenia is a lovely country, lovely culture and history

  10. Gosh...I feel like a fish out of water here...I'm a Republican AND a Christian. :)