Saturday, February 27, 2016

Fact of the Day: Trump Parties

While Donald Trump is running for the 2016 GOP nomination for president, he isn't a life-long Republican. Before 1987 he was a Democrat, then in 1987-1999 he considered himself a Republican before switching to the Reform Party. In 2001 he considered himself a Democrat again until 2009 when he became a Republican. He turned Independent from 2011-2012, until he became a Republican once again.  


  1. I so miss Jon Stewart, except all this isn't funny anymore. It's scary.

  2. Trump has more twists than a can full of demented worms.
    Vote for him and the USA will be isolated from the World community. I bet the N.A.T.O members are watching carefully
    and may have Plan B ready for action.
    The TV and press commentators here just can't keep up with the inanities that flow forth. The last Republican debate
    was akin to "brawlers from some minor drug ring in a steel cage fighting each other". Not one word spoken on policy!
    Pathetic - worse than the third World dictatorships with their blatant rigged elections.
    I'd be surprised if the knew where Kay (above lives - Hawaii and that Hawaii is a state of the Union). Kay is 100% correct - it is scary. After all Trump's new "love-in
    ally", Sarah Palin didn't have a clue about Hawaii.
    I wonder do the Republican candidates know that the US has Pacific Ocean dependencies like the Marianas (Guam etc.) and American Somoa - these two places have representatives in Congress and the Senate.
    If it is to be a Republican President - then make sure it is Rubio, but he won't stand a chance if the intelligent all vote. It will be Hillary.
    B J Hunnicut aka Colin
    PS: Sorry Adam I forgot - Have a nice night - ha ha.
    It is still daylight here in Brisbane - we are 18 hours in front of Spartanburg time.

  3. Trump is a flip flopper and I don't think even he knows what he wants. I do know he's a loud mouth and he doesn't have the temperament to be President.

  4. He can't make his mind up, next he will be on the side with ISIS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Good grief, switching sides so many times. Makes you wonder about him!

  6. He sure switches back and forth a lot!!!
    I can't believe he has gotten this far!!

  7. Trump is the consummate opportunist who, like a chameleon, changes his political skin to serve his needs--which seems to be squeezing as much attention his way as possible.

  8. Trump will be whatever he has to be to remain popular. His agenda is feeding his inflated ego.

  9. Flip flop which ever way the tide is going and he thinks he can ride it.

  10. guess that's why he's a billionaire and none of us are..

  11. A billioniare ???
    So that makes him Presidential material, eh?
    He doesn't pay his workers the full wage in some of the
    countries that he builds in and that probably includes the USA.
    Does this make him a "fair man"? I don't think so.
    The rest of the civilised World considers him a joke.
    Do you want a President where the doors of commerce and industry are slammed shut?
    Do you want US tourists to be the subject of ridicule when they travel overseas???? As it is now, the tourists are ducking for cover when the subject of Trump comes up.
    They are so embarrassed for their country which I am sure they all love dearly. How can they hold their heads high with some pride???
    Just take a moment and think, PLEASE.
    I am not as you so aptly have put on a previous comment being rude. I happen to like America.
    See what what the previous two Mexican Presidents have to say about Trump - they are comparing him to HITLER!!!
    B J Hunnicut aka Colin