Monday, February 22, 2016

My Favorite Photos: Happy Apple

My wife Daisy has a strange love for the Apple Store at the nearby mall (we don't have one in our city) as she will always go in there unless they have some kind of event that brings in lines and crowds. She usually gets on one of the Macs and surfs for a bit. I will say this about Apple, their staff is very helpful and friendly if you ever need them, and there's so many of them. 


  1. Ours is way too packed to ever sit down and browse comfortably. Lucky her!

  2. I usually only go there when my stuff breaks. Thankfully, that's not often.

  3. The Apple store at our local mall is usually so crowded it's hard to step inside.

  4. Apple stores here so crowded people stand in line for hours. Crazy to me. It is a great product, but no way will I stand in line for anything.

  5. Ah dear this Apple love-in !!
    The first time I heard of Apple stores was years
    ago when I was in the CBD of Brisbane. Some friend
    said that he needed to go to Apple in the Mall to get some gadget for his kids.
    I smartly informed my mate that there were no GREEN GROCERY shops in the city Mall.
    I was astounded at the look of disbelief I got!
    My green apples were not exactly what my mate had in "mind".
    So I am in the same "boat" as Martha on this Apple Store business - ha ha.
    B J Hunnicut aka Colin

  6. I am a big apple fan too, I used to live in NYC and love going to the one on 59th street, it is like a apple wonderland!

  7. Oh my gosh! My kids are the same! :) Daisy's too cute.
    PS For some reason, the Apple stores nearby us are always so crammed you almost always have to tackle them on their way to another customer:P

  8. We have a Mac shop in the city, they of course sell Apple products as many other shops do too.

  9. I've never been in an Apple store but glad she is having fun in there. :)