Tuesday, June 14, 2016

My Favorite Photos: Bowling June 2016

 Since I was on vacation, I saw no reason not to go bowling with my wife Daisy. We went back to Paradise Lanes which we live farther away from now than the other in town. It's still Daisy's favorite of the two. I don't care either way.
We both did rather terrible but not horrible. I won both games, Daisy didn't give me much challenge that day. First game I won 104-66, and the second game I defeated her with 97-85. 


  1. that what vacations are for....have all the fun you can.

  2. All that matters is that you both had fun. You might let her win now and then, but don't let her know you're doing it.

  3. Sounds like a fun time for the two of you. Nice to see you out and about enjoying yourselves.

  4. Heehee...agree with the comment above. You should let her win sometimes:D

  5. So nice to go bowling ...
    Great photo's of you both

    All the best Jan