Monday, January 16, 2017

Funny Story: Kaitlin Walking

I went to my wife's aunt's wedding a few years back and afterwards we hung out at the mall with her cousins all in our formal wear. The bride's daughter Kaitlin was walking in her high heels and got frustrated of how uncomfortable they were. So she took her shoes off and tried walking barefoot. She didn't get far before a security guard told her to put them back on. 

Her older cousin Bethany asked what the security guard said. 

Kaitlin said "I told him to shut the F up,"

I was the only one near enough to actually hear the conversation. She really said

"Yes, sir."


  1. LOL ~ so human!!! I think high heels are torture devices not far removed in practice from foot binding. Have a good one, Adam!

  2. lol I hate how uncomfortable heels are.

  3. Why did the security guard have a problem with that?

  4. LOL- Too funny!!! Falls under the heading of "what I wish I would have said"....