Saturday, March 18, 2017

Fact of the Day: Cattle Wire

While barbed wire is commonly used to prevent humans from entering or leaving certain areas, one of its first uses was for cattle. Barbed wire fences were inexpensive and easily fixed, and they were quite effective at keeping cattle contained. 


  1. Not used as much as when I was young. That is all we had back when. Some changes are good.

  2. Got a scar on my leg to prove they work lol

  3. I always thought of barbed wire being used for cattle. People have wire clippers and aren't stopped.

  4. Feral animals make mince meat of ALL fences - maybe not the GREAT
    I wonder would it be a good idea of use barbed wire to fence in Turnip Top in that big house on Penn. Avenue.
    Still laughing at that bemused look of Angela at that joint bizarre press conference.
    I wonder when she phoned Justin Trudeau for advice when meeting this clown, did he mention that Turnip Top comes out with the strangest of comments????

  5. Where I lived on the Canadian prairie, the only fence we ever knew was barb wire. We have huge distances to fence.