Wednesday, March 1, 2017

My February Favorites

 February is the shortest month but I felt I got a lot done in February. Here are my favorites from the realm of entertainment.
Favorite TV Show: House of Cards (UK Trilogy) 
I'm a fan of the American version with Kevin Spacey and I had initially wanted to wait until the American series was over before starting the British one. The British one is a little more focused on politics (of its time anyway) but the story is about a mid-rank member of Parliament who is snubbed for a cabinet position by the newly elected Prime Minister. He decides to get revenge by ousting him from power, and taking the office for himself. And he'll resort to any means necessary to do so. 

Favorite Film: Mulan  
Mulan is a rather older animated movie but I had never seen in it back in the day. My wife was a fan, and she suggested we watch it. Not the greatest Disney film ever, but certainly a memorable one. I hear they are making Mulan into a live-action movie in 2018 just like they've have done with Cinderella and the soon-to-be Beauty and the Beast. 


  1. I'm kind of surprised by the Mulan one. That's coming from someone who also never saw it, whose wife likes it, and wants him to see it with her. I might have to finally cave in.

  2. I haven't seen "Mulan" but I've heard good things about it.

  3. Never saw Mulan. My girls weren't fans of the movie and wanted to skip her portion on our last trip to Disney.

  4. Nice to see your choices ...

    All the best Jan

  5. I haven't seen either because I don't get Netflix and I never cared to see Mulan...that may change one day