Saturday, March 25, 2017

Question: Do Christians and Muslims Worship the Same God?

Every now and then someone will bring up the fact that Muslims worship the God of the Bible and really right-wing Christians (like the moronic Franklin Graham) will say that no they don't worship the same god. Christianity, Judaism, and Islam all fall under the umbrella of the Abrahamic religions which refer to Abraham who is religiously considered the forefather of both Jews and Arabs through two different children. However Adam and Eve, Noah, and Jesus are in Islam's Quran. The Quran is basically an Arabic twist on The Bible plus the stuff about Mohammed. The only unique thing in Christianity is the Holy Trinity which is pretty dumb and not very monotheistic to me. It's really hard to deny the similarities, but then again religion often gives logic the silent treatment.

Do they worship the same god?    


  1. I think so, in a manner of speaking. It made me search a definition for the 'purpose of religion', which yields some good answers.

  2. Is it sufficient that they are all equally deluded?

  3. It's hard enough believing in one god; multiple gods are even harder to believe in.

  4. Both devoted christians and Muslims would not like to hear this.
    Very intriguing.

  5. Well IF they are, someone or the mob of the extreme nature are not getting the same advice.
    Preaching hatred should result in a long stint in prison.......preferably for LIFE.

  6. I've tried to wrap my mind around the Holy Trinity since I was a child. I couldn't see it as anything but three. I thought the whole Holy Ghost thing was stupid as long as I can remember, and I still think of God and Jesus as two different entities. I guess I've always been a heretic!