Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Question: Foreign World Leader You Admire?

During the 2016 Presidential Election, Libertarian Candidate Gary Johnson stumbled on a question when he was asked on which world leader he admired most. Granted that can be difficult as differences in languages and culture can make us feel separated from truly knowing other world leaders. But mine is Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. I've taken notice to him since he became Prime Minister, and he's a really awesome guy as he seems to have all Canadian's interests at heart, and is a champion for embracing Canada's diversity in gender, religion, and race. It's a shame Justin Trudeau isn't American, someone so young, handsome, and sane would have won in a huge landslide against America's biggest electoral mistake last year. It's a shame we can't trade with Canada on that one. 

What world leader do you admire? 


  1. He is all flash at times, but he is waaaay better than Harper. And a goat is better than Trump lol so that goes without saying.

  2. I'm an Angela Merkel fan myself. I hope she survives the next German election though.

  3. I like Trudeau although he has had a few flubs but which political person hasn't? We will never trade our PM with your goat (see Pat Hatt). I also admire Angela Merkel and hope she wins again

  4. Trudeau seem green but promising. Like many others I admire Merkel.

  5. Justin would have to one of the top ones for sure. He certainly has the BREEDING (upbringing) to succeed. Angela Merkel is a no nonsense
    person..... I still laugh at the expression on her face with that stupid comment by Turnip top on wire tapping.
    Trudeau was one of the leaders she phoned for advice on what to expect when she met Turnip Top.....I reckon she may have also phoned
    the Japanese Prime Minister and the Mexican President.
    May also have phoned the Australian Prime Minister who it now appears that his (Malcolm Turnbull - NOT TRUMBEL as Turnip Tops spokesman called him) on what Turnip Top was like when he slammed down the phone......such rudeness.
    I would love to have bugged the call between Justin and Angela - ha ha......... it would have been SOMETHING.

  6. You ask a good question. I started thinking and I know very few leaders. I liked Obama. does that count?

  7. I like Trudeau, too. I think he is good leader and will become even better with time and age.

  8. Interesting reading all the comments here!

  9. I'd never thought of this before. My husband and I both loved the Obama family. We enjoyed listening to your ex president speaking. His wife, too. Such a classy couple. I also really like Angela Merkel. She's pretty cool.

  10. I really like Trudeau, but I met some Canadians who sure didn't. We spent a month in a small hotel on Waikiki that was filled with Canadian snowbirds. they call him JT. I watched his press conference with Trump utterly fascinated. What a difference. I campaigned for his father in 1968 when I was eighteen. Getting Pierre Trudeau was a highlight of my life! I saw Justin in Victoria last summer. Sorry Wills, JT has you beat in the drop dead gorgeous department. Sexist I know, but on top of everything else, Justin is make0you-weak-in-the knees-gorgeous! Wills btw is Prince William. I saw William and Kate with Trudeau in Victoria.

    1. Getting to meet Pierre Trudeau! LOL