Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Photos: Finding the World of Coca-Cola

 The  number one thing we wanted to do was visit The World of Coca-Cola when we got to Atlanta. I had once thought it was factory you got to tour, but it really is just a tourist spot. I really doubt any serious production goes on in these walls. This place was built just for tours and get people excited about drinking Coca-Cola.
We luckily got the Atlanta CityPass (most major cities have this program) which allows us to see this place among several others for much less than what they'd be all together. We got it online and we got the official booklet at the ticket booth here. 
Ahead of us was a HUGE middle school class field trip. The first three stops at this place are "grouped" so we didn't have to be around them per se, but it was like a zombie movie. I tried to give them enough time to be ahead of us as possible and it was still was a problem once the tour got the point where you walked to whatever you wanted to see next. 


  1. Oh man, I hate being in places with large crowds, especially a field trip group.

  2. Well that is one place I did not visit in Atlanta!
    Wild horses couldn't drag me to that damn place.
    I hate Coco Cola.
    PS: Funny about your subway meal! Good God there are plenty of great eateries in Atlanta which are not that expensive and you and Daisy
    troop off to Subway?????????????

  3. Would be interesting to see, but I probably wouldn't go.

  4. All I kept thinking with this post is if they show how Coca-Cola can de rust a nail or screw

  5. If it were included in the city pass, I probably would have went since I technically paid for the visit, but only if nothing more interesting was on the itinerary for the day.