Saturday, May 13, 2017

Story: First Laser Tag

During first grade, one of my school friends had a birthday party at a fun park called International Pavilion in Spartanburg, SC. We were all suppose to play laser tag by the time the party was over. I remember the line being...awful. I remember it getting pretty darn late and sitting on the seat of a Jurassic Park game waiting to get my turn. Then one of the workers there told everyone it was closing time. Well...angry parents (including my own) weren't too thrilled with that and guess who won out? Luckily it was pretty darn fun so the wait was worth it. 

About 10-12 years later around the time I graduated high school the fun park had torn down the old playground that housed the laser tag to make...glow in the dark mini-golf. A part of my childhood died right there, and the fun park closed down for good not long after. The building is still there including the mini-golf course outside and go-kart track. It once became a dance club, then a church, and now a dance club again...I think.