Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Photos: NC State Zoo Elephants

 At the NC State Zoo, like practically every zoo ever, there were elephants. I can tell Daisy really likes elephants.
 Because she's always excited to see them. Maybe not nearly as much as say, a polar bear, but still she really likes them. 
Near the elephants is this helicopter with no real controls or even propellers. I didn't take the time to really notice the purpose of this, but I think it was noting how they use helicopters a lot when studying elephants... I guess.  
Either way, it was fun to sit in. 


  1. Elephants and giraffes are always my favorites.

  2. I love elephants too ! Are beautiful !!

  3. Maybe Daisy has an affinity with elephants as they are found in Laos?
    Certainly are in plentiful supply in Thailand and Cambodia.
    Used for heaps of jobs........actually I believe without elephants in S.E.Asia.......those countries would not exist.
    Most top resorts on/with the beach fronts of S.E.Asia have elephants for show and entertainment for the kids (and adults!!!).
    One a word of warning, don't join them when the handlers let the younger ones loose for a romp in the surf. They really can squash you when they play rolly-pollies in the waves.............I know!
    a frolicking young one rolled with great gusto on top of me! I had a lot of sand in my mouth - ha ha. Ouch. Still it was fun.

  4. You can't go wrong with elephants and helicopters.

  5. too bad you couldn't go for a ride!

  6. It's fun seeing new zoo's. When our children were growing up, about every vacation we took included one- Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium (NE), Shedd Aquarium (Chicago),Seattle Aquarium (WA), Sea World (FL) and many others. I can't say it enough- zoo's are fun. Your images confirm that statement!

  7. Elephants are a hallmark species and we need to do everything we can to protect them.

  8. Elephants are such amazing animals. My zoo is really tiny and doesn't have elephants, so I do like to see them when we visit zoos on our travels.

  9. the helicopter is for photo opportunity! hahaha :) anyway, daisy is so cute with her elephant fascination. my brother by the was has a fascination with giraffes haha.

  10. I enjoy elephants too! I'd be right there with Daisy!