Sunday, January 14, 2018

British Right-Winger Goes Super-Racist Over Meghan Markle

For many of my American friends, you'd probably never heard of the the UK Independence Party. Being a European country, the United Kingdom has multiple political parties and the UKIP is the most right wing of any of them with seats in government. If the UKIP was American, they'd basically be the Trump Deplorable/Tea Party folks. Their party leader Henry Bolton's girlfriend Jo Marney got caught texting that she hated Prince Harry's fiancee Meghan Markle because she was black (mixed race) and American and that would somehow "taint" the royal family.  

Let me just say, that Meghan Markle is one of the most beautiful women in the world, and while I've never met her personally, she seems like a very sweet and kind woman. Prince Harry is the lucky one, not the other way around. I do find it ironic that Miss Jo Marney is so against the relationship considering her boyfriend Henry Bolton left his wife and family to be with her and he's more than old enough to be her father. Not exactly noble or family values there in my opinion. Miss Marney is really just upset that Meghan Markle is about to be royal, and the only thing Miss Marney is going to be is trash and an utter embarrassment to decent British people.  


  1. Racism rears it's ugly head in most of the world. some of it gets more publicity than in other places.

  2. I saw this in the news yesterday. What horrible comments from an obviously horrible woman. And I totally agree, Adam. Prince Harry is the lucky one.

  3. Unfortunately many countries are inflicted with these "nit wits".
    Don't give them any publicity - well TRY not to and they just might
    disappear into the dust bins of the trash that they are.

  4. I'm happy for Harry and Meghan because they truly seem to love each other. I'm glad that we live in a time when people can marry those they love.