Friday, January 12, 2018

Dragon Ball Super (TV Series) Season 1 Review

 Dragon Ball is something that I had loved since I was a kid. I barely remember the horrid original Harmony Gold dub of the original cartoon (which failed to take off in America, Dragon Ball Z became popular first in the USA), but I do remember how insanely popular Dragon Ball Z was during my middle school years. Dragon Ball GT was garbage, but the newer movies Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods and Revival F were much better at creating new stories in the Dragon Ball Z universe. So much so that they were convinced that they could use those stories for a brand new series. So the first season mainly is just what happens in Battle of Gods.
 For those who never watched the movie, the show starts out with the God of Destruction, Lord Beerus waking up from a decades-long nap. He is soon shocked to learn that Frieza had been killed by a saiyan named Goku. He then remembers he was foretold by a magic fish that he would one day fight a Super Saiyan God. He travels to King Kai's planet where Goku is training and fights Earth's greatest warrior. Goku powers up to Super Saiyan 3 but is still hopelessly knocked out by the deity's might. 
 Sparing Goku's life, Beerus makes his way to Earth and talks to Prince Vegeta. Even the last survivor of Planet Vegeta has no idea what a Super Saiyan God really is. Feeling rather unsatisfied, Beerus grows angry not knowing what this Super Saiyan could be. He spares the Earth until someone makes him mad, and then it is up to all the saiyans left to figure out how to find this Super Saiyan God before Lord Beerus takes the Earth out first. 
Overall the first season of Dragon Ball Super was rather disappointing. It's not much else besides the Beerus saga that was a good little movie. However they have to stretch it out so much that the filler is painfully boring at times. Dragon Ball Z Kai was made to get the filler out of Dragon Ball Z, and you'd think the people behind Dragon Ball Super would have figured that out. I'll eventually finish the series regardless, but I know the Freiza bit is the next season, so it will be a good number of episodes until we tread into new territory.

Score: C 


  1. I can't manage to watch very much tv these days. I've never seen this show. I'm slowly working through "Salvation" right now. I can't resist asteroid, extinction event movies and series. I actually watched "Armageddon" for the seventh or eighth time on Christmas Eve, even though it's a scientifically ridiculous movie. I have a soft spot in my heart for drillers, after working on rigs as a wellsite geology. You always give me a glimpse into a whole different world. Thanks!