Sunday, January 14, 2018

Fact of the Day: Prince Plague

King Francis I of France's third son Charles came across houses that had been sealed off from plague. Foolishly he claimed that no prince of France had ever died from plague and rumors said he took dares to test his confidence out. He died of plague not long afterward. 


  1. If only modern arrogance would have such a deserved outcome.

    1. I can only presume that you are referring to that twit called Donald and not the Disney one!
      Oh yes let a plague descend on that damn building on Penn Avenue and the world will be a far better place.

      You have to have a laugh at Turnip Top selling comic jet planes to Norway. The Norwegian Prime Minister, Erna Solberg must have wondered where the hell she was.
      Is that country between Canada and Mexico ( my sympathy to the people of both) now called THE USI ???
      The "I" being for "idiots" instead of States.

  2. Guess disease wanted his ego in check

  3. That's just nuts! Hugs and Happy Sunday! RO

  4. Oh dear, I guess they just didn't know better.

    Almost Stylish

  5. So yeah he was a very stupid guy xD

  6. LOLZ...that was a pretty funny fact albeit also kind of sad coz of how dumb that was to assume he's immune:P

  7. Seems like people have been doing dumb things on dares for centuries...good thing there wasn't any laundry pods back then or he might have eaten one of those.

  8. if we could convince donald that Obama held his breath for 10 minutes we'd be rid of him.

  9. My dad always warned me not to take dares! Too bad King Francis I hadn't drilled that into his son's head.