Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Kevin McCarthy Gives Trump His Favorite Candy

A lot of those who don't follow politics very well might not know who Kevin McCarthy is. He's the House Majority Leader and was the heir apparent to John Boehner's House Speaker job until he said something to tick off the extreme-right and they chose Paul Ryan instead. If Republicans want to save their seats in the 2018 mid-term elections, they'd want to distance themselves with Trump. However we see that's not the case with almost all of them. Kevin McCarthy is getting on Trump's good side by giving him a jar that he had filtered out where Trump only gets pink and red starburst as all the other flavors are kind of meh. While I agree on the flavors (who really likes lemon anyway?), is this the best the Republican House of Representatives is doing with their time? 


  1. I'm pleased to report that favorite Starburst fruit chew is lemon with pink and red being my least favorites... although I'm not really a big fan of Starburst anyway and now may never eat them again.

  2. They are all his enablers and they disgust me.

  3. Maybe it had poison in it????????????????????????
    Oh the lies that filter out of that White House...maybe a name
    change might have to be made after that lunatic departs and the sooner for the World the better.
    The professional liars he employs astounds me. Goebbels has more
    adherents than I imagined in the USA. "Just make the lies big,
    tell them ad nauseum and people will believe." - I believe that was what came out of Goebbels "House of Propaganda".

    The US Embassy in London..........really!!! He blames Obama for the site change and the new building (which he can't open - the Poms would revolt as he is "personna non grata" in that country) when it was President J.W.Bush who signed the removal papers etc.
    Can't he and that Hucklebee woman spokesperson tell the truth or know SOME facts???????

  4. Sometimes I think that I have slipped into an alternate universe. I wake up every day what new insanity will be foisted on us. I took a political science course as an undergraduate, and then later an American government class. It all looked so neat and logical laid out in my textbooks long ago; living the current reality in the US is mind-boggling. Is our House Majority Leader reduced to currying favor with the president with a bottle of red and pink starbursts? I'd like to know how much time congressmen and senators are spending raising political money vs doing their actual jobs for the American people. It would make the time wasted on sorting starbursts looks minuscule. btw, I quite like yellow starbursts and the flavor of lemons ~ LOL

  5. It matches the kind of time trump spends as our leader.