Monday, January 29, 2018

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle (Nintendo Switch) Review

 Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is one of the first Nintendo Switch games, and a big one at that. While Mario is the main star here, it was actually Ubisoft who made this as Nintendo let them use the Mario characters in a cross-over game with the popular Raving Rabbids series which technically is part of the Rayman series. I didn't really know what the game really was when I got it, I just heard it was pretty good. So what did I walk into?
 Story-wise, a crazy inventor has something go wrong and soon a vortex is created. The Raving Rabbids' world collides with Mario's. Mario is soon united with a cosplaying Rabbid Peach and a Rabbid Luigi. However he'll soon be able to reunite with the rest of his real friends and the group will have to figure out how to fix their worlds. 
As far as the game-play is concerned, the game I hear it plays most like is the X-COM series which I'm strangely unfamiliar but it did have more success on PC than on the consoles. It's turn-based strategy and the closest Nintendo-related thing to it would be either Advance Wars or Fire Emblem. You're given three characters with different weapons, stats, and abilities. Every battle ranks you between how many turns it took (setting a reasonable par) and also ranks you on how many of your characters are still alive at the end. 
You get to travel across four worlds each with many battles and bosses. You also have to solve a good number of puzzles along the way. They're all quite a bit different, but I do admit I rather despised the sliding block puzzles because they often seem to make no sense, especially the one in the picture especially. Outside of the campaign, you also have a multiplayer mode where it's an equal 3 on 3 match. Sadly it doesn't have online multiplayer which leaves you stuck to local matches. 
But overall I was really impressed by Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle by the end. It doesn't seem that thrilling at first, but once you upgrade your team more and more (kind of like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild) the game gets so much better. I didn't realize how many hours I poured into it until I looked it up. I do criticize some of the battle designs as I hate some that had constantly spawning enemies and some other ones that were difficult to think your way out of. So I did get frustrated a few times almost to the point of rage-quitting, but I calmed myself later and tried again and would usually beat it the 2nd time around. While the lack of online multiplayer really stinks, I find it hard to not recommend to someone. 

Score: A-


  1. I'm crazy about the Rabbids..I watch it as often as I can..they make me giggle and laugh out loud..this weekend I turned them on to see if Abby would enjoy them like me..she's 5..she was laughing her little butt off..we've been having entire conversations with nothing but Bwa? Mah..Bmaw? and then laughing hysterically...

  2. Again ~ completely unfamiliar with this, but I enjoy the glimpse into your world!