Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Photos: First Bowling Trip of 2018

 Daisy and I had stopped bowling last year in the middle of the summer (I think) out of laziness I suppose, but we went bowling the other day. It was a rainy day and the place was almost empty. Which I prefer, I hate bowling around morons and chaos.
Now everytime we come back after a long break, we usually do terrible. I did horrid the first few frames but bowled a honorable second half. I ended up with 123 to Daisy's 49. I bowled more stable but worse the next game. I lost to Daisy's 89 with my score of 84. 


  1. Always loved bowling and certainly can relate to you both not having bowled for a good while with low scores :)

  2. Do you you guys like 5 or 10 pin? The bowling alley in my town is only 5 pin.

    1. Do they even have 5 pin in the States? I think that may just be a Canadian game . . . . their loss, of course.

  3. We love bowling! It's definitely a favorite in our house.

  4. I used to love to bowl. When I was a kid my mother proudly told me her bowling average had been a 29. But her high game was 39. I don't understand how you could hate bowling around morons.

  5. Haven't been bowling for many years ...
    Sounds as if you had fun.

    All the best Jan

  6. It looks like you and Daisy had fun, Adam, even if you hadn't been bowling in a while. I haven't gone bowling in years. I learned to bowl in Canada where they only had five pins and a smaller bowling ball without holes for one's fingers. I enjoy the American version of the game, although I always struggle with the irrational fear that the bowling ball is going to rip my fingers off when I throw it. I hope you and Daisy continue to play, if you really enjoy it.