Saturday, January 20, 2018

Story: Marriage Riddle

 I heard this one on a reality show many moons ago, and I've seen it again recently but in a much simpler form. I think the simpler one is too easy, so here's more of the version I heard but with my own wording. This year in the state of Virginia, a Protestant man publicly marries two Protestant women on a Saturday, making it no secret to the local community of his hometown. He is not confronted ever by the authorities for charges on polygamy, how can this be? 
I did my own wording because I got a few people ask "was he Mormon?" or some other type of cult that became infamous for its members taking more than one bride at once. You might think perhaps, he got an annulment quickly or didn't sign the papers legally. It all happened on the same day in the riddle, no time to go to the courthouse for that one. The answer is he's a pastor/preacher. He married two individual women, to two individual men.     


  1. Replies
    1. I mean I guessed it ahead of time, not usual for me.

  2. I knew it before I finished reading the riddle! But there are plenty of riddles that leave me flummoxed.