Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Photo: Rainbow Light Bulb

Our city, Spartanburg, South Carolina has many of these light bulb statues all over the city. They're all different designs, this one in Drayton Mills is decorated with rainbow colors and some other little props. I'm not quite sure the reasoning of why it was a rainbow, I tried looking it up but could not find a clear answer. I thought it might of been a LGBT pride thing (as our city hosts the only pride parade in the Upstate area), but it might be just because the artist wanted to make it colorful. 


  1. I want to like it but it looks like shit! Xx

  2. This is a first for me. Never a light bulb this pretty.

  3. Replies
    1. I reckon when on it just might be HOT to touch.
      I know what I'd like to do with it - stuff it up the arsehole
      of TRUMP.

  4. Looks like something out of a Mardi Gras float. A little odd, for sure.

  5. I wonder if this is something like what Chicago had with their Cows on Parade where artists decorated huge cow statues. The following year they decorated furniture statues. It was fun to see the different ways artists came up with their inspiration.

  6. You had me curious so I went and checked it out. That's pretty cool the city commissioned various artists to do what they want with the light bulbs. I like the mosaic one and the plain light bulb with the black glasses.
    The artist of the artwork you show is Kara Bender. From what I read, she used small toys, bottle caps, glass, buttons, shells, coins, and other small objects to create her piece. How fun!

  7. That's a neat piece of artwork.

  8. My city, years back now, had cows all over the city decorated by different artists. Not sure what I prefer, cows or lightbulbs...

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