Tuesday, May 1, 2018

My April 2018 Favorites

 I got a lot done considering I had all month to prepare for a trip to Washington DC. Here are my favorites in entertainment.
Favorite TV Show: Shameless
I was really surprised how much I liked Shameless. It's been quite some time I've enjoyed a new comedy series. It's not really a sitcom (and it's a dark comedy) but I'm a good bit in season two now, and nothing fails to amaze me on the crazy lives of the Gallagher family.  

Favorite Video Game: Sonic Mania
While I spent a good number of hours in the first half of the month with Sonic Mania, I didn't get to play this much recently due to other plans. But I really like this retro new game on my Nintendo Switch. Sonic games have been more miss than hit lately, so it's wonderful to see a game really feel like the golden age of Sega. 

Favorite Film: Black Panther 
I didn't get a good chance to see this until early in April. But Black Panther almost met the hype people were saying about it. Now I have to wait to see Infinity War, which will certainly shake up the MCU forever. 


  1. Your picks are always interesting, Adam. Right now I'm listening to "Men in Black," one of my all time favorites.