Saturday, June 23, 2018

Virginia Restaurant Asks Sarah Huckabee Sanders To Leave

A small restaurant called the Red Hen in Virginia recently asked Sarah Huckabee Sanders to leave as  she works for Donald Trump and they had moral objections to serving her. This comes shortly after the Supreme Court sided with a baker who refused to bake a cake for a wedding between two men. Sarah whined on social media about it, but guess what Sarah? Political party is a not a protected class, politics is something you choose to rally behind. If I had a pizza parlor for example, I would never refuse to serve someone over something they couldn't change about themselves. However if someone like Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, or O.J. Simpson walked in, well...I might have some issues letting them eat there because of the character of their hearts. And I certainly would have issues with someone who lies and lies for a president who is doing such harm to not only immigrants, but his own citizens. 


  1. Good on the proprietors of "The Red Hen".
    This woman makes "Tokyo Rose" and "Lord Haw Haw" look like novices in her scripted utterances.

    However I do fear for the breeders of Rhode island poultry.
    For the uninformed city slickers, the Rhode Island breed as the name suggests are a US breed of excellent laying hens and they have RED feathers!
    Next stop for Musso Turnip Top is to bar the breeding of this variety and to get rid of all US flocks.

    Nothing would surprise me what edicts/laws (???) tweeter under that stupid mop of hair at the Oval Office Desk.

    May the Rhode Island chickens march on 1600 Penn. Avenue en masse!
    PS: A show exhibitor of Rhode Island Reds in my childhood days
    and one who imported new born chickens (pullets) of this breed during my 6 years of egg supplying in my Papua New Guinea life (1963/69).

  2. What I really dislike about all this is that she used her official government account to announce (whine about) this to the world. Like she was seeking some type of retribution on the business. There must be some type of violation here, at least on an ethical level.

    1. There is actually some law against using official government communications to promote or denigrate a specific private business. Not that anyone in this administration bothers about enforcing such laws.

    2. Okay, I see. I guess if it had been the other way around, these people would be throwing a tantrum.

  3. I swear, just when you think this administration can't go any lower....the whole thing is such a s**t show. What? The Supreme Court allowed that baker to do what he did, but not the restaurant coz "dem evil Libs"?!?! Gimme a break! I'd go to the Red Hen if ever I'm in the area. ANd agree with the comment above...why did she use her official govt. Twitter acct?!?! Sad.

  4. And I wouldn't bake a cake for her either. The Supreme Court says I don't have to. What goes around comes around!

  5. When I listen to Sarah Huckabee Sanders speak at press briefings, I often think of the Mouth of Sauron.