Thursday, April 9, 2020

Fact of the Day: Baby Scoop Era

The Baby Scoop Era was period after World War II and ending the 1970's where there was a high increase of premarital births and a higher rate of adoptions. 

Things I Like: Wing Cap (Super Mario 64)

 The Wing Cap is one of the best items in Super Mario 64. 
 It allow Mario the chance to fly pretty well. Though in some areas, it's not so easy. 
While others, it's just plain old fun. 

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Ready Or Not (2019 Film) Review

Ready Or Not was not an pick for me per se, I was with friends and one of them wanted to watch this after getting a recommendation from their sibling to watch it. I didn't really know much of the cast or how major the movie was (as it could have been an "indie" film) but even people like Stephen King and R.L. Stein praised the film so it was larger in status than I suspected.  

Fact of the Day: Richard the Lionheart Death

King Richard I of England died in France of a crossbow wound. He didn't die right away and according to the stories, it was done by a young boy who wanted revenge on the King of England for the death of his family members. Also according to the stories, in an act of mercy Richard forgave and pardoned the boy. 

Things I Like: Fiona/Black Fairy (Once Upon a Time)

While far from the greatest villian on the show, the Black Fairy was a decent one.  
 We find out after she brings a brainwashed Gideon to Storybrooke that she was really Rumplestiltskin's mother. Was anyone in that family ordinary? 
She apparently heard her son would die if he was a good savior, so ruined that destiny for him and choose a life of darkness.  
 She even seems to get the upper hand on Emma Swan in a trick of a curse. 
But at the end, she was destroyed by her own son, Mr. Gold.