Friday, December 10, 2010

Finally got Health Insurance from work

Thanks to my work, after a year starting on Jan 1 I will be covered in the land of the insured in the United States. However it is just a simple PPO plan so it doesn't cover everything and I still have plenty of co-payments and deductibles to deal with as well. 

I was covered on Medicaid after my dad died and then the coverage stopped when I was 18. So I've been roughly 4 years into adult life at risk of medical debt and treatment. Even though I'm covered, many of my relatives are not. For example my girlfriend cannot get onto her parents plan and Medicaid said they wouldn't take her unless she was pregnant. My mom is in her 50's and she no health insurance, no Medicaid, and no Medicare. My brother is planning to become a nurse and is trying to get health care and is paying out his ass since his employer does not offer such insurance. 

I'd like to ask any my readers a question. Are you happy with your healthcare? And secondly are you happy with the healthcare of others? I  We are the only developed country without universal health care, and yet we have millions upon millions with no coverage, expensive rates, and small businesses cannot afford to give out insurance most of the time. All of this simply because we want basic human rights to be decently treated for our illnesses and our injuries. 

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