Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Got Contacts the Other Day

Me with my baby nephew
I usually don't show photos of myself since I don't think I look that great being a skinny little white kid and everything, but I figure I'd throw a picture or two to my readers to give 1uppers or stumblers of random blogs a look at who's behind the blog. Now I had glasses for years, and never could afford the price of contacts. Was even afraid of putting them in. However my work offers a great vision plan so for 1.12 a week (pre-taxed too) and a co-payment of $35 I got a exam and supply of contacts.

Me in my girlfriend's room

First picture of myself that I ever took with my contacts in. Makes me look like I'm not squinty all of the time, and I can go swimming and wear sunglasses and see what I'm doing. Suckers are a bitch to get in though. I'll get the hang of it. At least they're the gel kind.

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