Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Started Playing Bayonetta

Got done with Bioshock so I decided to move on to Bayonetta with my full attention. Now when it comes to adventure games I'm picky. 
First I tried Devil May Cry. Kinda slow, camera angles wanted me to slap Capcom and tell them that this isn't Resident Evil (though was going to be RE4 until it got to far off track), and the combat was boring and the enemies took forever to kill in my opinion. I'm sure 3 and 4 were better, but the game bored me so much that I haven't even tried 4 on my 360.
Then I played the demo of this. A fan favorite even more so than DMC, but still not my cup of tea. Not a fan of Greek mythology (kinda boring), and the combat never really appealed to me. I know it was a demo but it was a bad demo in my eyes.
Then one day I tried this baby. I knew it was from a genre I didn't like, I knew it was harder than heck but I loved the fast action and the style of the game. Actually got pretty far into it. Then some double headed dragon you can't use magic on made me quit.
I did pick up the sequel, and it was a lot like the first game, except they broke everything that was good about the game. Camera angles were ungodly awful, enemies felt like they came out of power rangers, and the diffculty made you feel like you sucked because the game sucks, not because you're a wimp. I heard Sigma 2 on PS3 fixes a lot of this but I don't own a PS3.
The story is absurd, the cutscenes are cheesy, but it's in that so bad it's good kinda way and I think it was on purpose. Think House of the Deal Overkill just not on crack. The combat is a lot like my favorite Ninja Gaiden, but it does kinda suck that she normally uses her arms and feet to attack which is a pet peeve of mine, though you can pick up weapons after you murder the thing holding them.
Seriously this stupid stuff is why Bayonetta is so great. I have no idea what's going on but it's awesome. The character Bayonetta does cater to the fanboys who like their video game ladies if you know what I mean. Even though she is overly-attractive they do a pretty cool and kinda classy job at covering her no-no parts. 
Though I admit, sometimes it's just downright in your face, all the time. Which is good or bad depending on how you feel. 

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